Agency Name: Embe

Time Needed to Complete Project: 4 hours

Preferred Time for Project: Saturdays of Sundays

Number of Volunteers Needed: 5-6

Project Description: Embe’s childcare rooms have just recently been renovated with new carpeting - now they need the walls spruced up!  Embe’s staff will prep the space (remove everything from the walls, move furniture away, tape and lay tarp) - all they need is a group to come paint!  Volunteers will also help disinfect toys and repair books, if needed.

Tools & Materials Needed to Complete the Project: 4 gallons of paint (per room), 5 tarps (reuse - when one room is done, the tarp can be moved to the next room), Painters Tape, Rollers and Brushes (also can be reused from room to room)

The Following Tools & Materials Will Be Provided: All product required to clean the toys and repair books

Special Requirements for the Project: Children older than 10 could be helpers and assist with cleaning and repairing toys/books, but we'd prefer the painting be done by adults.