Agency Name: Pathways to Life Program at LifeScape

Time Needed to Complete Project: 3-4 hours

Preferred Time for Project: Fridays preferred (possibly July 21st or Aug 11th)

Number of Volunteers Needed: 0- Project is Full

Project Description: Pathways for Life just moved into a new building to provide the young adult students more space and opportunity for practicing and learning real world job responsibilities. This new building space is all white and feels like an institution instead of a positive learning environment. Research states and LifeScape agrees, in a controlled space where light, sound, and wall color can be manipulated, this promotes certain areas of the brain to stay calm and focused. This ability to focus becomes a positive environmental stimuli that encourages students to be their best as they are learning about their personal life goals.  Volunteers would be involved in helping to create this environment by painting the walls with a calming color. In addition to this important painting project, another very important aspect of the project is that the volunteer painters will be painting alongside of 2-4 students who participate in the Pathways to Life program.  The volunteers will hold conversations with the students and lead by example in painting, as painting is a possible employment opportunity for students. 

Tools & Materials Needed to Complete the Project: 4 gal. of paint, 6 lrg paint rollers, 6 polyester foam rollers, 4 small rollers for students at Pathways to learn and work alongside of volunteers, 2 sets of 9" plastic roller trays (3 pk), 3 brushes for edging, painters tape for edges, duct tape to hold tarps in place for safety.

The Following Tools & Materials Will Be Provided: 2 ladders, tarps, extension arm for rollers, spackel/tools for dings in wall, buckets for paint for brushes, celling paint for 'painting mistakes' and clean up supplies

Special Requirements for the Project: Volunteers should wear clothing that could get paint on.  Pants/jeans and close toed shoes are required.  Confidentiality form re: HIPAA/FERPA will be signed by each volunteer prior to volunteering. Volunteers are required to be age 18 and older.