Agency Name: LifeScape-Adult Services

Time Needed to Complete Project: 3 hours

Number of Volunteers Needed: 0- Project is Full

Project Description: Volunteers will have the opportunity to be involved in the building of movable storage shelves/carts to hold supplies/personal items for adults supported by LifeScape that work at the Louise Ave. building. These shelves/carts will be stored under the tables of each individual to allow easier access to their personal belongings and keeping a safe from tripping hazard work environment.  

We would like to build 25-30 rolling carts, each with 2 shelves. The group will be provided with a set of blueprints and instructions to build the tables and chairs from scratch or a kit will be provided which will require the group to assemble the tables and shelves. Measurements of the tables stem welcome for 4-5 people sit at a table.

The size of tables: 8 ft long, 3 ft feet wide. 2 1/2' ft tall 1 1/2' thick

The size of the shelves and carts: approximate 1 ft wide X 2 ft tall

Tools & Materials Needed to Complete the Project: Wood, wood nails/screws, power saw, hammer, drill, wood glue. measuring tape or a pre-cut kit. Groups will be asked to provide tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, socket sets, etc. These will all be provided.

Special Requirements for the Project: Experience/knowledge with building/following plans