Agency Name: New Roots Ministry

Time Needed to Complete Project: 2.5 hours

Dates and Times of Project:
August 8 (9-11:30 am) - Project is Full
August 10 (9-11:30 am) - Project is Full

Number of Volunteers Needed: 0 - Project is Full

Project Description: Volunteers will help immigrant merchants in their businesses for about 1 hour. In return, for about 15 minutes, immigrant merchants will share with volunteers about their culture, religion, experience as immigrants and refugees, and living in Sioux Falls. The work may include cleaning, yard work, inventory, stocking shelves, and light "handyman" work.

A complete project description will be available when the group of merchant locations has been finalized.

Tools & Materials Needed to Complete the Project: To be determined. Potential items may include cleaning supplies and simple tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc.

Special Requirements for the Project: Volunteers are asked to be teenagers and adults