Project Description: This project would involve building shelves in the back storage unit of the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House. These storage shelves will be used to store donations that are received throughout the year to help those in need.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 0- Project is Full

Tools Needed to Complete the Project: Drills, saws and a level. Volunteers will have to provide their own work gloves if they would like to wear them. 

Materials needed to complete project: 8 2x4 - 8' studs ; 4 2x4 - 12' studs ; 8 2x4 - 16' studs ; 3 1/2" 4x8' Plywood and screws.

The Following Tools & Materials Will Be Provided: Moving carts and pencils/pens will be provided.

Special Requirements for the Project: Volunteers must be at least 18 or older. Clothing requirements and recommendations include: closed-toed shoes, jeans and a t shirt.