Name of Project: Red Door: Laundry Love

Location of Project: Sioux Falls Laundry - 330 N. West Avenue

Preferred Date Project is to be Completed: July 15

Time Needed to Complete Project: 4 hours

Preferred Time Block for Project to be Completed: 8am-Noon

Number of Volunteers Needed: 0- Project is Full

Project Description: Volunteers will be involved with the takeover of the Laundromat Sioux Falls Laundry at 330 N. West Ave. This opportunity will allow Red Door to offer free laundry and detergent to families, along with activities for kids (face paint, tattoos, coloring). ALL laundry services during the 8am-noon window on July 15th will be paid for in order to help bless low income families in the neighborhood. 

The Following Tools & Materials Will Be Provided: Quarters, Detergent, laundry bags, kid activities.